Untitled by Jacob Hurley and Wpg4.  2015

Hey I haven’t posted in a while; but last night, my fellow artist friend Jacob Hurley ( www.jacobhurleyart.com ) and I just decided to work on a quick sketch together and it came out quite nice.

We are going to take this idea and expand on it some more.


3 thoughts on “Untitled by Jacob Hurley and Wpg4.  2015

  1. Have you seen Jacob Hurley his family cannot reach him on his cell and we think his phone might be dead because it goes straight to voice mail. PLEASE call at 410-917-6477 or call at 301-346-1683. We are very worried haven’t been able to call him for two weeks.


    1. Hi Mrs. Hurley, No i haven’t heard from him since November 7th and last time we hung out was late Oct. I saw on Facebook that he was in LA. I hope everything’s okay and he contacts you guys.
      keep me posted


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